Memorex has launched a new USB memory drive that looks like something that just came out of the 70s.

The new disc, called the Memorex FlashDisc offers what it is saying is the world's first shareable, flash-based USB storage media and an ideal replacement for floppy discs.

Coming in sizes or 16Mb or 32Mb the drives aren't going to be too big, but Memorex is stating that the FlashDisc can store up to 400 text documents, 10 presentations, 40 digital photos or 15 minutes of music.

The 2.3 inches in diameter and 0.3 inches high FlashDiscs come in an array of colours to allow for color-coding of files; combinations include black and red, black and blue, and black and yellow.

The Memorex FlashDisc is now available at Best Buy in America in a package of three multi-colored 16MB FlashDiscs for $19.99 USD.

Of course you could just burn a CD, which would cost the same for around 100 discs and store up to 40 times more data.

There is no word on a UK launch or price as yet.