A new piece of kit that will allow you to transfer data at 200Mbs around the house via your household electrical wiring is about to go on sale in the UK.

According to Devolo, the company behind the device, the dLAN 200 has the bandwidth to support full multimedia home networking through the whole house, support HDTV, video-streaming, Voice Over IP and high speed internet, in addition to PCs, broadband modems and routers, games consoles and set-top boxes.

The device works by using the existing wiring in your house to send data to other plug sockets with receivers plugged in to them.

With proven advantages over both traditional Ethernet cabling and WLAN, the dLAN adaptor removes the need to install extra wiring throughout the house, and is unaffected by any reduction in transmission quality, which can often be caused by walls and ceilings when operating on wireless networks.

Devolo isn't the only company about to offer the technology however. Both Netgear and Panasonic say they too have products in the pipeline.