A recent survey has found that a surprisingly high number of British people are baffled by using a BlackBerry, boggled by blogging and perplexed by podcasting because they may be too afraid to ask for advice.

Although we try our best at Pocket-lint to explain everything as best as possible it seems that those who don't know about us just don't get it.
Ask.com, the people behind the study looked at the latest array of everyday and emerging technologies to see how much Brits truly comprehend.

Despite the common use of so many technology terms and the growing fascination for up-and-coming consumer gadgets Ask.com research revealed a surprising lack of popular understanding because people are simply reticent when it comes to asking for and getting advice.

The research found that a staggering 45% of Britons don't know what a BlackBerry device does, 44% don't have a clue about podcasting and 41% are in the dark about blogging.

With 24% unsure what MP3 and iPods are all about, almost a quarter of Britons feeling left out of the digital music revolution. The study exposes the true extent that failing to ask is resulting in people not getting the lowdown on consumer technology and how it all works.

The research also exposed the Scottish as being the least capable of asking about technology, with levels of understanding generally lower across the board than the rest of the country - especially respondents in London and the rest of the South.

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