We know it's tough sometimes to get to a PC with an internet connection so we've launched four fantastic channels of up-to-the-minute information about all the latest happenings in the in the world of gadgets, gear and gizmos.

Now you can get the gadget world's top news stories, reviews, our most rated products in the last 3 months and website of the day to your phone wherever you are, whenever you feel like it.

Developed by Refresh Mobile, the Pocket-lint Mobizine allows mobile phone users to receive a "snack size" version of Pocket-lint in a rich, colourful format and in a style they know and trust.

�We are really pleased to be able to offer Mobizine customers the chance to catch up on all the daily news and reviews on the UK's leading gadget site even if they can't make it to a PC�, said Elaine Devereux at Refresh Mobile about Pocket-lint.co.uk.

Costing just pennies, each edition is cheap, quick to download and can be read without a network connection - on the bus or tube, for example.

Mobizines are available to all, regardless of mobile operator.

Aside from Pocket-lint, users will also be able to get Mobizine versions of GQ and Glamour, OK!, TimeOut, ITV, Daily Snack, TV Genius and sports news from TeamTalk.

To download the Pocket-lint Mobizine to your handset, text 'Mobi' followed by the word pocket to 63333 and follow the instructions to download.

More information can be found at pocket-lint.co.uk/mobile

This story was first published on 7 March 2006