A new range of software utilities for iPod users has been launched by Avanquest that promises to enhance and expand the music player's functionality in both business and entertainment.

The four new titles - iExtend, WebPodStudio, PodMediaCreator and DVD2Pod offer a range of new dedicated features including the creation of Podcasts and tracking RSS feeds for music fans to view on their iPod.

With iExtend, PC users will be able to review emails, notes, calendars and contacts as well as back-up important digital files, while WebPodStudio is the PodCast creation application that according to Avanquest makes making your own show a breeze.

PodMediaCreator allows users to compose and edit videos, touch up photos, create slideshows and mix MP3s before transferring to the iPod and finally DVD2Pod allows users to copy DVDs and import multiple movies onto an iPod for entertainment on the go.

iExtend, WebPodStudio, PodMediaCreator and DVD2Pod are available for £19.99.