Yahoo has launched a new social publishing service that allows users to share information with people they know while creating a two tier internet that won't be available to all.

The service - called Yahoo! 360 works in a similar way to a blog, except it isn't available to everyone, but only the people you choose to give access to.

Users will have access to a blogging and photo sharing tool as well as the ability to create lists and share radio stations.

The service will come with a strong focus on privacy so users have the power to share what they want, with whom they want, in the way that they want.

Yahoo says that it will also offer information, tools and services from across the
Yahoo! network including Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Photos, Yahoo! Groups,
Yahoo! Avatars and Yahoo! Music.

The individual secret blogs will be able to link to other friends pages and have show their updates at the same time.

Those keen to make more friends can do so by setting up a profile, and then searching for people with similar interests from across the Yahoo! 360 network. For instance those who like the same bands or who watch the same TV shows.

Yahoo! 360° is initially available to UK consumers in a beta version.