Wanadoo has increased its efforts to attract new customers with the announcement of three new broadband packages for UK customers.

Launching from today, customers will be able to sign up to the Plus Package, Starter Package or Max Package.

The Starter Package is the entry level package and offers 1Mb broadband connection with a 2Gb download limit per month making it unsuitable for those keen to download music or movies on a regular basis. It will cost £14.99 a month.

The second new package is the Plus Package. It is a new three-in-one broadband package allowing customers to get up-to-8 Meg broadband, cheap phone calls to UK landlines, plus wireless internet. It will cost £17.99 a month.

Finally the company looks keen to attract heavy internet users with its new Max Package, which comes with all the features of the Plus package but with unlimited downloads. It will cost £27.99 per month.