Fans of old Hollywood rather than the latest sci-fi special effects laden blockbusters of tomorrow will be pleased to know of a website that offers classics such as Zulu and Hitchcock's 39 steps for download from as little as $1.99.

4Flix.Net has announced that hundreds of DRM-Free movies, animations and television shows are available online that are suitable to watch on the video iPod.

All of the video available from 4Flix.Net is DRM-free, allowing consumers to freely and easily copy them from their computers to any other playback unit, including portable players, other computers, CD-Rs or DVD-Rs.

4Flix.Net visitors have instant access to hundreds of movie and TV show selections, all priced at $1.99 or less.

Besides the video iPod, the DRM-free media files are cross-platform and play on any Mac or PC with Apple's free Quicktime 7 installed.

To promote interest, the site is offering a selection of classic movies and television shows for free including Fred Astaire's classic dancing on the ceiling routine Royal Wedding.

iTunes fans can get a glimpse of the free content available by subscribing to the sites video podcasting feed.

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