It dawned on me this evening talking to a couple of blokes at a party, that times, are a changing. Whether it's me just getting older and having a child on the way or a general feeling had by all, but life seems to be going so fast. It seemed only yesterday that Mrs Pocket-lint was breaking the news that two would become three in the near future.

But it seems it is the same with all dads and something that certainly isn't in the manuals they give you when you see the midwife.

Every dad i've spoke to says the same thing: "One minute you are watching them take their first steps, the next they are out the door in the family car."

So a word of advice, just like your wedding day, take it in slowly - oh and of course make sure you have plenty of beer - from what I hear, hangovers aren't something that you want to experience when you've got a screaming new born in the house.

We will keep you posted.