250 years since his birth, Mozart's music is supposedly as popular as ever. Research from Baby Einstein found that over two-thirds UK parents are playing Mozart over any other classical composer to their unborn babies at least once a day.

It seems that parents are recognising the benefits of classical music beyond birth and that two thirds of parents choose to play classical music such as Mozart, to their babies ,on a regular basis.

The Baby Einstein research revealed that it's dads who realise the importance of music during play more so than mums, with over a quarter of men playing music to their baby compared to just 15 percent of women.

Adam Reed, spokesperson for Baby Einstein comments, "Our research has shown that parents are playing Mozart's music to soothe, engage and interact with their child. The Baby Einstein music range has been re-orchestrated for little ears and is all about engaging babies pre and post birth, as well as encouraging parent-child interaction during play. The Baby Mozart CD and DVD are the perfect musical choices for parents to connect with their baby and introduce Mozart’s music."

The DVD costs £17.99 and the CD £7.99, we've got a copy from Baby Einstein on its way so we will let you know how our baby responds shortly.