Welcome to The Dad Blog. Time for introductions; Ben and I have started this Blog on Pocket-lint.co.uk because we are both having children - on our own with our own wives - nothing funny like that that you know and were both fed up with always reading everything from the women's point of view.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that the women are the more important factor here, after all we blokes are just here to get the hot towels, but we can get excited about having kids too.

So with that in mind, this site is all about babies and kids, but from the man's point of view.

What will be covering? Well for starters we are going to have regular tips and experiences from us as we go through the whole process of raising a child and we would love to hear from other men so we can all learn and share at the same time. But it's not just about tips and tricks, in keeping with Pocket-lint tradition we will also be reviewing all the latest cool gadgets and gizmos that you'll be able to get on the way from what buggy you need to get to kids toys and everything in between.

So stay tuned, bookmark us and see you back on the site soon.