They told us that 56kbps was going to be enough for all our web surfing needs, but now UK cable company ntl is about to start trialling a new broadband connection that will promise 100Mb, 200 times faster than the current average broadband speed and a whopping 2000 times faster than dial-up.

Not content with buying Telewest and currently bidding for Virgin Mobile, the cable company ntl has announced plans to launch a 100Mb broadband service in the UK.

The company will be launching a trial in Ashford, Kent in March.

ntl hopes that the super fast connection will be the answer to everyone's web surfing needs and be used for applications like watching live HD television streamed directly to your computer, audio applications, online gaming and security.

To make all this possible, the cable company is teaming up with a number of partners on both software and hardware sides. One of the partnerships will be with BitTorrent, to enable the content to whiz around the network without the fear of bottlenecks or clogged resources.