A new storage website has been launched that allows you to store your personal digital content that can then be accessed securely from any computer for PC users spelling the possible end to lost data.

The new service called diino relies on a security key stored on a secondary device like a USB drive or CD to access content rather than having to go through a trackable browser.

Once their diino is set up, they simply drag and drop all of the files and folders they want stored into the diino, which works the same way as the Windows filing system on a PC.

The service allows the user to grant permission for multiple users to access it at any given time. By sharing their username and password, diino owners can share their personal content with a small number of invited friends or family, who can all use it at the same time.

diino can be downloaded from


and comes with 20MB of storage space for free and a built in MP3 player for listening to your music collection.
Alternatively users can get from 1GB at £2.99 per month to 100GB of space for £39.99 a month.

The service can also be paid for on an annual basis, where users will get 2 months for free.