Ask Jeeves has launched an image search feature to allow it to offer similar services to Google and MSN.

The new technology debuts Ask Jeeves' first internally-created index of Web images, and its Zoom related search specifically for image searching. The new technology can also be used with the personalised MyAskJeeves service. Collectively, these improvements deliver a superior image search experience, helping people find the pictures they are looking for faster.

The Ask Jeeves Zoom related search gives users suggestions on how to narrow or expand their search. Originally introduced as a Web search tool in 2005, it has now been expanded for use with image searches.

These topics are visually represented on the right side of the results page under the categories: Related Names, Expand Your Search, and Narrow Your Search.

Ask Jeeves gives the example of the query “Alton Towers” within "Pictures", zooming in with Narrow Your Search returns “Rides at Alton Towers” and “Hotels near Alton Towers”. Alternatively, by zooming out with Expand Your Search, suggestions include “Thorpe Park“ and “Blackpool Pleasure Beach” and “days out” to help users clarify what they are looking for. Additionally, Related Names is able to isolate “Drayton Manor” and “Warwick Castle” as relevant suggestions.

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