RealNetworks has launched a new service called RealCommunity, a free music community that lets unsigned groups and artists upload their own music, create profile pages and sell their music online.

Original tracks and tunes uploaded by artists can be listened to and
rated by visitors to the RealCommunity with a chart of top-ranked community music being highlighted on RealMusic, RealNetworks' recently launched online music service.

Tracks will also be available to buy using SMS, with songs and ring-tones being sent directly to the purchaser's mobile device or computer.

In addition, selected artist profiles will be promoted on the RealGuide homepage giving featured artists an opportunity to be in the spotlight.

"Joining the RealCommunity will give artists instant exposure and access to an entertainment-centric audience", commented Piers Heaton-Armstrong, Marketing Director at RealNetworks. "Our RealMusic and RealGuide sites are extremely popular with music lovers, so RealCommunity artists have a great opportunity to get noticed, build their profiles, and sell their music."