Now that the million dollar homepage is done and dusted, internet entrepreneurs all over the world are trying to device the next easy way to get rich quick.

Following on in a similar vein, AJ, a 26-year-old living in London has come up with an interesting idea to see whether or not he can get 1 billion unique visitors to visit a homepage with absolutely no cash outlay.

The prize? No it's not a million dollars, but merely £1000 one of his mates has been foolish or sensible enough to wager and some cash it looks like he will earn from serving a banner ad on the page.

In a statement on the homepage AJ says: "I recently made a website that grew from nothing to 200,000 hits in the first week, over a game of snooker, I just happened to be boasting about it to my friends, which then turned into a debate on how websites work and how to promote them ... one of them challenged me, and I love a good challenge, they bet me and said they would gladly give me £1000 if I could make a site that gets One Billion Hits!"

“There was one major clause, I cannot spend a penny in marketing the website, just me, my laptop and nothing else! We all know I could simply put a refresh tag in and leave my laptop on for a month ... so I told him I would get 1 billion unique hits just to prove it can be done!"

The counter will only record a unique IP address once every hour, to stop AJ employing a bunch of click monkeys to rack up the total early.

As with the million dollar homepage, AJ has set up a blog to keep regular visitors informed although these pages aren't included in the overall total.