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(Pocket-lint) - It's the ultimate path to success, but one man is hoping to sell his soul not to the devil to bring him riches, but to anyone foolish enough to bid on it on eBay.

According to the description on the auction listing the Soul of Blain Brown comes with signed certificate and license of authenticity and purchase.

The auction also give you permission to be contacted in the afterlife for benign or malign purpose, the seller is not really bothered.

The listing goes on to say: “Ownership expires 1000 years after date of purchase, and may be sold or passed on from person to person until the duration of this period is up."

“Buyer may be human, extra terrestrial, a celestial being or even Satan himself, again the seller is not really bothered. If the current owner should cease to exist in anything other than natural circumstances then this will void purchase and ownership, and would most certainly cause wrath to be inflicted upon said purchaser, using methods such as haunting and poltergeist activities."

“Once under new management, Soul must obey owner under said license agreement. Soul may be used in seances, contacted by the Ouija board, used in Voodoo traditions, used for private or personal prayer, or even used for Satanic purposes, again, seller is not really bothered."

“Seller, also grants the right to try to contact said soul whilst still bound to human host. This however is only permissible whilst host is sleeping, as per license agreement. Please note that the photo is not an actual picture of the soul for sale, but rather a picture of the current human host, which is in this instance is myself. If I can figure out how to take a picture of this I shall send with the certificate and license, if not you will have to make do with the artists impression that I have created.”

The auction started 5 days ago and so far has received just one bid for £10.99.

Those keen to bid for a soul have until 17:22 on the 24 January 2006.

Writing by Stuart Miles.