The company behind the internet acceleration software ONSPEED, has announced a new version which promises to accelerate your web connection even faster than before.

The new version - version 5.0 - can now deliver five-fold speed increases to all Broadband connections of up to 2Mb capacity. For Dial-up connections this translates into an up to ten-fold speed increase, offering double the speeds of ONSPEED's previous Version 4.0.

According to the company, many Broadband users, who through latency or contention are receiving slower than advertised Broadband speeds or have subscribed to a slow Broadband connection, can add ONSPEED Version 5.0 on top of their service to increase their connection considerably.

Version 5.0 also introduces a unique image compression technology called “Advanced Imaging”, enabling users to receive fully viewable and instantly usable web pages, while maintaining the maximum quality of images.

The new Advanced Image technology delivers all images on a page simultaneously. Users continue to browse web pages while images are being gradually loaded. Image quality progressively improves until images have reached lossless quality.

ONSPEED Version 5.0 is available immediately for an annual payment of £24.99 from

. All existing ONSPEED customers will be updated to Version 5.0 at no extra charge.