Be, the high-speed broadband provider, is set to launch a new pay as you go product later this month.

Called CEBe lite, the service will offer its 24-meg broadband service for under £15 per month, £7 less that its current 24MB package but it will come with limitations.

CEBe lite‚ will include an initial usage allowance, which can be topped up as needed.

However the company is keen to promote that CEBe lite might be aimed at light users, it is not light on features. It will still deliver fast download speeds of up to 24 meg together with 24/7 member support hotlines and a free CEBe Box‚
wireless router worth over £100.

In September Be launched "Be home 24 meg" - the UK's fastest broadband service. For just £24 per month, Be offer it's members 24Mb connection and uncapped access to the Internet.