The final 1000 pixels for the million dollar homepage have gone on sale on eBay. The auction, which will be held over the next 10 days, finishes on the 11 January 2006.

“There are still literally hundreds of people emailing me wanting pixels on the homepage. Some are wondering why I don't open a second page. Well, I won't do that because I am determined to maintain the integrity and degree of exclusivity intrinsic to the million pixel concept. Therefore, I am doing the most fair and logical thing and auctioning the last 1000 pixels off on eBay", said Alex Tew, the 21 year-old, who set up the site in August.

“I've got a feeling interest in the auction is going to be huge, and I'm so excited it's difficult to describe. Who knows, maybe I could make another million dollars! Hehe. Whatever happens it's going to be fun to watch”.

The site, which has been surrounded by a media storm across the globe works by dividing the homepage into 10,000 boxes, each made up of 100 pixels.

Companies or individuals are invited to buy one or more box for $100 each - $1 a pixel - and cover it with a logo. When a websurfer clicks on the logo he is transported to the company or person's website.

More information can be found at