A man in the UK has won damages from a company that repeatedly sent him email spam, possibly spelling the end of spam mail in the future.

Nigel Roberts, who lives in Alderney in the Channel Islands, took action against Media Logistics UK over junk emails in his personal account.

After a court ruling the Stirlingshire-based firm has agreed to pay £270 compensation plus his £30 filing fee to Mr Roberts, who runs an internet business.

Mr Roberts said he had limited his claim to a maximum of £300 in order to qualify to file it as a small claim.

“This case does provide a guideline when it comes to successfully claiming damages. It also shows that wherever they are, these companies can be held responsible for sending spam to anyone living in the British Isles”, he said.

"This may be a tiny victory but perhaps now spammers will begin to realise that people don't have to put up with their email inboxes being filled with unwanted junk".

Mr Roberts received unwanted email adverts for a contract car firm and a fax broadcasting business and decided to take action against the company.

Three years ago the EU passed an anti-spam law, which gave individuals the right to fight the growing tide of unwanted email by allowing them to claim damages.

Mr Roberts is believed to be the first victory of its kind.