Computers can be boring sometimes so what better way to spruce things up than a mouse dressed in sexy lingerie.

According to the site; “How could work with a computer ever be a sensual experience? Try our voluptuous Body mouse dressed in fancy lingerie and you'll see!”

The pink busty looking mouse is the body of a lady dressed in lingerie. It comes with two buttons - left and right click - where the breasts are, but for those hoping to get a full sensual experience no scroll wheel for stroking.

Suitable for both Mac and PC the Body Mouse, as its called, comes with a USB and PS/2 Plug for connecting to a computer.

The mouse costs 29.90 euros with an additional 7 euros postage charge.

The company behind the Body mouse also make other designs such as a mouse that looks like a chilli, a kitten, a love heart and even a mouse with a plastic koi karp in the base.

You can order the mice from