A website developer has created an optimised version of the latest Firefox browser for Mac G4 and G5 owners.

Downloaded as a separate application called Deer Park, the new program offers increased browsing speed and improved performance over the downloaded application from Mozilla.

The free application will work with any G4 processors bought after 2001, or to be more technical, with the version number 7450 or higher.

According to Neil Lee, the programmer behind the new browser version: “As far as I know these builds will work as expected with nearly any G4 processor. Only the earliest processors, the first run of G4-enabled PowerBooks and PowerMacs, I think, may not work. But give it a try anyway as I haven't heard of any issues yet”.

The build comes with a slightly different icon set from the official version and Philippe Wittenberg's “pretty” form widgets.

The application is available for download from


QUICK REVIEW: Pocket-lint tested the G4 edition on a 15 inch G4 PowerBook bought in 2003. While Firefox 1.5 is considerably faster than version 1.0 when it comes to browsing speeds and using the back buttons, the additional optimisation here in the Deer Park version was noticeably as quick again.

Web pages loaded very quickly even on our 1Mb broadband connection and the program automatically ports across your bookmarks and extensions to the new version.

Other than the speed, on a quick glance, we have been unable to tell the two programmes apart. The only thing to get used to is a new icon on your docking station. The reason the application is called “DeerPark” and the icon is different than the official Firefox release is because both the Firefox name and icon are restricted to just official releases

If you are a Firefox and G4 or G5 user this is definitely worth a look.