The company behind Firefox, the current number two browser after Microsoft's Internet Explorer, has launched an updated version of its browser that promises better security and faster loading.

Called Firefox 1.5, the upgrade was made available for download on Tuesday afternoon, about 3 months after it started testing the newest version.

The Mozilla group said the upgrade offers features like automated product update, improvements in pop-up blocking, and faster navigation with better back- and forward-button performance.

“With dozens of enhancements, Firefox 1.5 will draw many new users to the improved Web experience it affords”, said Mitchell Baker, CEO of Mozilla Corporation. “Firefox is proof of our passion for promoting choice and innovation on the Web and making the Internet accessible and productive. Firefox 1.5 is the easiest browser to install, use, customize, and keep up-to-date and secure”.

Users looking to download the latest version, which automatically transfers your settings across can download it from the following link: