If Pocket-lint had been around 20 years ago, chances are you would be reading this on a bulletin board dialled in via a 9k modem and getting excited by the idea that soon you would be able to make calls on a phone that wasn't connected to a socket in the wall.

Britain's first mobile phone call was made across the Vodafone network on 1 January 1985 by veteran comedian Ernie Wise.

But oh, how technology has changed. Today's latest handsets are music players, cameras and personal organisers.

I purchased my first mobile phone not long after they become available in the UK in 1985.

Mobile was stretching it. It was about 12 inches long and 4 inches square and that weighted a ton, and that was just the battery. The handset was set on the top of this and it came complete with shoulder strap but you needed to be of rugby player's physic to carry it.

It cost me about £1500 plus a monthly contract, no pay-as-you-go then or subsidised phone costs - it was just a phone, and certainly a far cry from today's prices and the all singing and all dancing models today.

Anyway the reason for this purchase was security and peace of mind, just the same as many of us purchase a phone today. At the time, we lived in Suffolk in East Anglia and my wife had to collect the children from school in London on a Friday night and was using the M11 all the time. She had just had an experience of two punctures at once and I did not want her to have to worry about the children in the car if it broke down again for any reason. Reception was very limited at the time, OK along the Motorways and London of course, but hit-and-miss everywhere else.

I always remember at the end of the M4 in those days was also the end of reception.

Most of our friends thought we were mad to spend that sort of money on what they thought was a gimmick, but over a time as the size and prices came down and the network coverage improved they all started to invest in one.

The children thought differently of course when Mum collected them from school. The first thing was to heave the phone out of the car, place it where it could be seen by all, and then start to use it even if it was just to call DAD or in some cases make believe. Anything to impress the girls or improve their standing with their friends.

Things do not change as today. The young people still need or must have (so they think) the latest most and most complicated devices. But, to them it all seems so easy. Just by looking at the spec of a modern phone it amazes me. Video Links, iTune Compatible, Camera with zoom, 470Mb of internal memory, and that is more memory than my first Computer but that's for another day.