It was supposed to stop criminals in their tracks, but unfortunately, all it stopped was visitors accessing the site. Yesterday Crimestoppers in the UK launched a FBI-style 'Most Wanted' list on its website that proved so popular that access to the site had to be stopped due to excess traffic.

When live, the aim of the site will be to publish pictures and CCTV footage of the most wanted men in the country in the hope that people visiting it will recognise them and provide information that will eventually lead to their arrest.

The public can also use the website to go to local police sites to check any appeals being made in their area as well as making contact with the police via the site's anonymous email system.

So far, 12 of the 43 police forces have joined the scheme but all are expected to join in eventually.

The FBI first published its ‘Most Wanted' list in 1949 and there are already national websites in ten countries including France, Japan and Spain.

At the time of writing the site which can be found at


was still unavailable.