While UK audiences are inundated with the Open the Gate TV campaign from Broadband ISP Bulldog, the company has launched the first ever 8Mb pay-as-you-go broadband service in the UK.

The company hopes that offering its broadband package as a pay-as-you-go option, more customers will be enticed into using the service. With no line rental the service will cost 3p per minute.

However while the cost seems cheap on the surface, just 24 hours of connection would cost you £43.20.

This price will no doubt make Bulldog's second offering of unlimited 8Mb broadband for £9.75 seem a much more compelling offer.

However to spur sales the offers customers only have until the end of November 2005 to sign up to either package.

“As more and more entertainment and information services are available via broadband, people need 8 meg broadband to make the most of their online experience and Bulldog is the place where they can make the most of it at the best possible price”.

Both services come with a £1 connection fee and 1 month minimum contract.