Quietpc.com a PC company that specialises in making quiet PCs is giving customers the chance to self-build their own Media Center PC from a series of options.

The company claims that with so many different media PCs on the market, few Microsoft Media Center machines represent an ideal solution in the real world. There are those which are overly-large or ugly, compromise on storage or memory, do not have the ability to record one show whilst you watch another, have no built-in remote capability, are not digital broadcast compatible or perhaps most irritatingly, are too noisy for the typical living room.

Called the D.Vine D1 and D2 Quiet Media Centers, the systems will have the ultra quiet Pentium M processors and AOpen's brand new i915GMm-HFS motherboard at their heart.

Quiet PC's Choice of Ahanix' cases have the look and feel of high-end Hi-Fi separates, and accommodate an internal remote sensor which works flawlessly with the genuine Microsoft Media Center remote.

The D.Vine machines boast a generous 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a semi-fanless 400W power supply and a pair of Black Gold Digital Freeview tuners, which enable two shows to be recorded simultaneously. For best results, a quiet 250GB Samsung Spinpoint SATA II hard disk is included with each system, allowing over 150 hours of recorded video to be stored.

Quietpc.com state that previous PC building experience is not required, since a comprehensive illustrated guide to assist construction of the Quiet Media Center is included with each kit.

The D.Vine D1 and D2 kits are available to buy complete with all the components and software required and are supplied in either a silver or black finish to the customer's own preference. Two different aluminium fascia styles are available, and this choice represents the primary difference between the D1 and D2 model designation codes.

Available in the UK from www.quietpc.com/uk the systems will start from £1,056.33

The full kit will include:

Model D1 D2
Case Ahanix MCE301 Ahanix MCE302
Colour Silver Black Silver Black
CPU Pentium M 1.7GHz 735
Motherboard AOpen i915GMm-HFS
RAM 2 x 512MB DDR2 PC3200
Software Microsoft Media Center 2005
Optical Drive NEC 3550A DVD/RW
HDD Samsung Spinpoint SATA II, 250GB
TV Cards 2 x Black Gold Low Profile Freeview tuners VFD iMON VFD with MCE Remote
Misc Parts VFD mounting screws, cable ties, TV aerial splitter