The race to offer broadband internet users even faster connection speeds took a turn for the better today with the announcement that UK Online, the UK ISP based in Somerset is to offer the first national unlimited broadband service at up to 22Mb.

The service which takes advantage of the next generation of broadband technology, ADSL2+ will cost £29.99 and come with unlimited access.

Chris Stening, General Manager at UK Online, commented, “After extensive testing on our network, and customer trials, we are delighted to be launching the first ADSL2+-based broadband available nationally.

“While some customers will get 22Mb or even more, up to 24Mb, the quality of their phone line and distance from the exchange will dictate their maximum speed. Which is why we give customers a pragmatic estimate of the speed their line will support before they sign up".

David Cartwright, a 24-year-old Mancunian, has been trialing UK Online's ADSL2+ broadband for over a month, and affirms that his trial has “revolutionised the way I use the Internet all over again (which I couldn't have imagined happening before I started the trial). 8Mb seemed blisteringly fast when I first got it, but the upgrade to my 20Mb broadband means I can watch streaming media whilst downloading, at the same time as my housemate is playing online games, without it slowing down”.

UK Online Broadband is available to more than 4.4million homes, and has announced that it will be extending its coverage to reach a total of 5.8million homes over the next 12 months.

UK Online has been locked in a race to offer superfast broadband access ever since Be another ISP announced the launch of ‘Be home 24 meg'. For just £24 per month in London.