A new survey released today suggests that more than 90% of employees use work email to organise their social life and send jokes.

A selection of UK employees from various industries about their email habits, particularly focusing on those that were non-work related. The results reveal that more than half of employees use work email for a number of things besides work, discussing everything from news and current affairs to their social life during office hours.

Almost all of the employees surveyed use work email for organising their social life, more than three-quarters organise holidays on it and almost two-thirds of respondents discuss their relationships on the work email.

The top ten non-work related uses were:

1. Discussed / organised social life or weekend plans 98%
2. Jokes / humorous emails 90%
3. Discussed / organised holiday plans 78%
4. Conducted non-work related business 76%
5. Organised birthday parties / stag nights etc. 74%
6. Discussed dinner plans 70%
7. Discussed relationships / love life or other personal issues 64%
8. Discussed or gossiped about colleagues 56%
9. Discussed news and current affairs 56%
10. Discussed local restaurants / pubs 50%

The survey was conducted by Cryoserver, a forensic email archiving and compliance company.