Owners who worry about leaving their pets at home when they go to work can now take comfort in knowing that at least Fido or Felix will be entertained while they are out.

DogCatRadio.com, a is new internet radio station for pets that is live 17 hours a day, 4 am to 9 pm Pacific time, and podcast for the rest of the 24 hours.

Those who listen to DogCatRadio will find that there is generally an animal motif to the playlist, like Elivs' Hound Dog or Baha Men's, Who let the dogs out.

DogCatRadio.com was started last June by Adrian Martinez who runs the station out of a customized RV parked in his office lot in the Eagle Rock section of Los Angeles.

Mr. Martinez, 34, who owns six dogs and two cats, said he founded the station because "my cat, Snickers, asked me to do it", after he discovered that Snickers likes 80s rock.

It is estimated that American pet owners will spend $35.9 billion this year on everything from electric toothbrushes for dogs to bird pedicures to self-flushing litter boxes for cats, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.

Mr. Martinez added, "I wanted to do something for the pet community".