Evesham has teamed up with Destinator Europe to deliver another affordable in-car navigation solution - The Evesham Bluemedia BM6380 PNA.

The model, which features a remote control for the lazy will sport a 3.5 inch 320x240 touch screen and moonlight as an entertainment system allowing users to MP3 tracks via a Secure Digital (SD) card slot as well as display photo images.

Like the Tibo, the Bluemedia unit will use Destinator ND software from Destinator Europe and will come with Q3 2005 Navteq maps pre-loaded on to its SD card.

The unit will also includes speed camera alerts for Gatso, mobile, specs and temporary speed cameras. While Evesham is hoping the pedestrian mode, highlighting off road places such as traffic-free zones in city centres will appeal to users when they get out of the car.

The Bluemedia BM6380 will be available in November with prices starting from £299.99.