Maxtor has launched a new backup drive that promises capacities up to one terabyte (1TB or 1,000GB) for people who feel they never have quite enough space for backup.

The new drive, called the Maxtor OneTouch III, Turbo Edition integrates Maxtor's automated backup and restore capabilities for Mac and PC users as well as allowing users to easily configure the solution for either RAID 0 or RAID 1.
RAID 0 divides a data stream and writes pieces of it to both drives at once, a process called striping. This process enables significantly faster write and read times for speed-hungry applications like video editing and game loading. RAID 1, also called mirroring, simply takes everything that gets written to the primary hard drive and creates a copy of it on the second drive. That way, if a calamity hits the first drive, the second one swings into action so the user does not experience data loss or downtime.

The Maxtor OneTouch III, Turbo Edition comes in a 600GB or 1TB capacity and features a triple USB 2.0/FireWire 400/FireWire 800 interface for easy connection to a Mac or PC.

Available from December the 600GB will cost £410 and the 1TB £684