Wanadoo has increased the speed of its basic broadband offering to 8Mb per second, however the offering won't be available to all.

Following BT's announcement to roll out an 8Mbps service nationally next year, the ISP has jumped the gun and suggested it will offer the increased broadband offering to those who can get it.

Eventually Wanadoo said the 8Mbps service could be available to half of its customers.

From November new Wanadoo customers in areas where BT lines have been unbundled will be able to take up the 8Mbps service.

The package will cost £14.99 for only the first 6 months and £17.99 after that, though bandwidth is capped.

The service also includes Wanadoo's Wireless & Talk Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. Customers can receive a secondary phone line on a dedicated Wanadoo Broadband connection plus free evening and weekend calls to any UK landline and free calls at any time, day or night, to other Wanadoo Wireless & Talk users.