ONSPEED, the company behind the software that promises to speed up your dial-up connection via nothing more than some simple software is hoping to do the same for eBay customers with its latest application - Onbidder.

The Onbidder service promises to give you the advantage in winning any eBay auctions, at the best possible price, even on dial-up connections. The software will automatically take care of your eBay bidding for you, at the last second. All you do is just place your maximum bid in advance, and Onbidder will do the rest. It's so easy to use.

Just seconds before the auction you're bidding on closes, Onbidder, working in the same way as Bidnapper, becomes active and places the lowest bid possible to automatically outbid any competition - closing the sale at the best price. Because it makes the bid at the last moment, other people don't have time to react. Once your bid is made, the item is as good as yours.

Onbidder costs just £19.99 for a 12-month subscription and works seamlessly with eBay.