The company behind the speed camera locator Road Angel has announced the launch of a device that will add GPS Satellite navigation and speed camera detection in one unit.

Called the Road Angel Navigator, the all-new device builds on the proven success of the original item and combines full postcard search facility, street level UK mapping, voice prompts, and an integrated Road Angel Blackspot and safety camera alert system and Camera advisory speed limits.

The new model will be portable from car to car, feature a touch screen and can be mounted on the dashboard or windscreen. It also has a built in charger (negating the need for cigar lighters or hard wiring) may be used on foot and is small enough to fit in a pocket.

The Road Angel Navigator is priced at £599.00. The unit will come with a subscription fee however of £3.99 a month.

Optional European maps are sold separately and pre-loaded on a 1Gb SD card.