A UK company has come up with an ingenious but cheap way to ensure your laptop isn't pinched next time you head off into the city for that business meeting. However, rather than opt for an expensive security system or the hiring of a swat team for the day, the company,


will sell you a Pizza delivery box with built in foam.

Costing £12.99, the PowerPizza carrier is suitable for a 14in or 15in laptops and is 37 x 37 x 3.6 cm in dimension. The idea is to convince would be crooks to think you are having pizza for lunch again rather than carrying around an expensive laptop.

According to reports, up to 34,000 laptops are stolen in Britain every year. While the case isn't waterproof the company does offer a gem of advice:

“Need to go out in the rain? Putting your PowerPizza in a carrier bag will not only increase the level of disguise - it'll keep it dry too.”

The company has said that the product has been so successful that it is going on show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York Next Month.

In an interview with Metro, London's free daily newspaper a spokesman for the company said that “Each PowerPizza disguise is hand crafted in London using genuine Italian-style pizza boxes for maximum authenticity.