Be, the ISP has today launched ‘Be home 24 meg' - the UK's fastest broadband service. For just £24 per month, Be will offer it's members 24Mb connection and uncapped access to the internet.

Be is claiming the connection speed will be good enough to stream two High Definition TV (HDTV) channels, plus three or four standard TV or Video-on-Demand channels, and still have enough bandwidth for general surfing or voice calls (VoIP).

“This radically advanced capability will change the way people use their computers and opens up a world of opportunities as exciting as the advent of broadband itself” said Dana Pressman, Managing Director of Be

However Be admits that 24 meg, might not always be available. In a pilot scheme users achieved only 18.5 meg on average.

To join the broadband revolution, customers simply need a BT telephone line that is connected to an exchange in which Be has installed their equipment. The service costs £24 per month, plus a £24 connection fee, and there is no annual contract - Be simply ask for 3 months notice if members wish to cancel their service.