The company behind the Road Angel speed camera locator, has updated the model to include a new advisory speed limit feature which alerts the driver to the prevailing speed limit as they approach the hazard zone.

Road Angel Compact as the name suggested has also been reduced in size (approximately 2/3 the size of a standard Road Angel unit). Road Angel Compact will retail at an £199.99.

As with previous models the compact version alerts drivers to all fixed speed cameras, temporary road works, cameras, school zones and congestion charging areas.

Users can keep the unit up to date via internet downloads and a USB connection to a PC. Road Angel Compact is powered by the cars cigar lighter and comes complete with all power and USB update leads, windscreen and dashboard mounting kit and full instructions.

Road Angel Compact comes complete with 6-months free subscription followed by a direct debit payment of £3.99 per month, allowing the owner full updates to the UK's most comprehensive warning database.

Road Angel Compact is available from all good motoring outlets priced £199.99.