Asda, the UK supermarket chain, has announced plans to offer online customers digital prints from 10p each plus £1.50 delivery with a service that will launch next month.

Prints from the supermarket will cost 15pence for a 6 x 4 digital print or 10p per print for an order of 50 or more prints.

ASDA is also developing a photo collection service, which has been pioneered by its parent company Wal-Mart in the US, called 'Click and Collect'.

The service will enable customers with broadband internet access to download digital images online and collect them from their local store within an hour.

Orders placed using the online service will be delivered back to the customer within two working days. In addition the new site will feature a range of photo gifts including personalised photo albums, calendars, baby bibs and pet gifts.

Companies will also be able to download their logos to create corporate merchandise including gift cards and greetings cards.

ASDA's Online Photo Shop service is provided by Pixology, a leading provider of innovative software for the digital photography industry.