Navman has broken the £300 price barrier for GPS units with a new model that is geared at the satellite nav newcomer. The new Navman iCN 320 model will become one of the cheapest dedicated car units on the market and at £279 is sure to make an impact as it tries to simplify the navigation process.

The ready to use unit will come with maps of Europe and Ireland pre installed but instead of offering you a multitude of maps to guide you on your journey, the iCN320 focus is on directional arrows and a distance bar to the next turn.

Other features include the ability to search for town, postcode, street, junction, house number or point of interest (POI).

The model featuers a 2.83in TFT LCD colour display and will run for 2 hours without charge for use away from a car.

The latest Tele Atlas map data is provided on a pre-loaded MMC memory card, giving you street level coverage for the UK and Republic of Ireland. iCN 320 also comes with windscreen mount and 12v car power supply.