Internet speeds in the UK just got a whole lot faster. Be who announced earlier in the year that it was gunning for a 24Mbit broadband speed have just achieved an 18.5 meg connection in the Clerkenwell in the UK.

Be is the first ISP in the UK to take advantage of ADSL2+ technology. Be's 24 meg products give customers up to 24 meg downstream speed and up to 1 meg upstream speed, depending on their distance from the local exchange.

Be has announced the start of its service with a call for Londoners to sign-up for pilot membership. Pilot members will enjoy exclusive access to Be's ultra-fast broadband service for just £20 per month - for the life of their membership with Be, but will pay nothing until October 2005.

To become a pilot Be member, you simply need a BT telephone line that can be connected to a telephone exchange at which Be has installed their equipment. Registration is available now at