D-Link today announced the launch of the DWL-G710 Wireless Range Extender, what it believes will be a simple way to extend the reach of wireless networks with capacities of up to 54Mbps into your garden or simply around your house.

The DWL-G710 facilitates wireless communication of virtually all routers and access points setup in locations with dead spots that limit the range, such as basements, patios and garages.

The DWL-G710 is able to repeat the signal of most 802.11b and 802.11g networks on the market.

The DWL-G710 Wireless Range Extender has been designed with 128-bit WEP encryption for secure communication over the network. A web-based Wizard ensures that the installation and configuration of the range extender with existing routers and access points takes just a few minutes.

The DWL-G710 has a recommended retail price of £55.72 excluding VAT and is available now.