A Californian company is hoping to change the way users interact with their computer with the creation of the DX1 Input System, a keyboard that breaks all the conventional rules.

The difference with the DX1 over a standard QWERTY keyboard is that people can place the units portable keys anywhere on an 8x10 pad and assign those keys any functions they wish allowing them to configure their input systems to conform to the particular size and shape of their hands.

The DX1 System also lets people reassign keys on the fly as their needs change. Keys contain no wires or batteries. And because they have an adhesive surface, keys can be repositioned whenever desired. The ability to reassign and reposition keys at will means the DX1 offers the ultimate in flexibility. As people's needs change, they can change their input systems.

The DX1 pad connects to PCs via a USB cable and supports Windows 2000 and later Windows operating systems. In the future, Ergodex technology will also support Linux and the MAC OS X.

A DX1 Input System consists of a pad, a removable plastic tray and 25 keys.

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