Mobile phone manufacturers and operators from Sony Ericsson to Orange are spending millions of pounds making the latest mobile phones capable of becoming MP3 players in their own right. Yet findings in a recent survey on gadget, gear and gizmo website suggest they might be wasting their money.

In the survey, which asked whether readers listened to MP3s on their mobile phone and if no, would it something they would consider doing, a whopping 72% of entrants said that even if they had the chance to listen to their favourite tracks on their mobile, they wouldn't bother.

Over three-quarters (77%) of the entrants that took the survey said that they don't currently listen to music on their phone with only 23% admitting that they do.

There is some hope though. Of those that said they don't currently listen to music, 23% said that they would consider it with a further 5% not sure for the time being.

The news will come as a shock to the industry, which seems focused on creating mobile phones with music playing capabilities.

This week Sony Ericsson launched the W800 in the UK, it's Walkman branded mobile phone designed to double up as an MP3 player when not being used to make calls.

The survey was completed by 4,184 people from around the globe who visited in July.