Trust, never one to shy away from releasing anything and everything for your PC, has launched two VoIP telephones that allow you to use services like Skype from a USB connected phone handset.

The Trust PH-2200 Internet Phone LCD and the Trust PH-1200 Internet Phone can both be easily connected to a computer with a USB connection and offer direct dial buttons to automatically start VoIP software like Skype.

The Trust PH-2200 Internet Phone LCD offers an LCD screen, which clearly displays which telephone number is being dialled, what the last few numbers dialled were with an option to call these numbers again, the length of the conversation and the date and time.

The second telephone is the Trust PH-1200 Internet Phone. It is identical to the Trust PH-2200 Internet Phone LCD apart from not having an LCD screen.

The phones will cost £24.99 and £19.99 respectively.