For those who find the temptation of work avoidance getting in the way when an important deadline looms, a download available on the web, may just be the ticket to quelling your problem.

Called Temptation Blocker the application allows you to set a timer for how long you want to block specific programs on your PC.

Once set, every time you try to access your favourite work avoidance application like Half Life 2 or Firefox, you will get a dialog box telling you how much time you have left before you can access that program.

During this blocked time, you can't access those programs. You also can't access Temptation Blocker during this time without entering in a random, 32-character string nor can you access Windows Task Manager, in an attempt to save your from yourself and a quick Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Temptation Blocker works with all programs and on start up will automatically pull the programs you currently have in your Start Menu into your list of possible blocked programs. You can also set profiles to block certain programs as standard.

Currently the application is only available for Windows users, however it is free.

You can try the program