Ten years ago, people wanting to write their thoughts down turned to a diary, now those same people are turning to the web and sharing those thoughts with the world. Technorati, a blog tracking service in America, has released figures that show a new blog is born every second amounting to over 80,000 new dogs a day.

However while the uptake implies that we will have 30m blogs to read by March 2006 the novelty of posting soon wears off.

The site, which currently monitors over 14.2m blogs uses search-engine sorting and update pings to keep tabs on the blogosphere.

The August report, called State of the Blogosphere, points to the fast growth of cost-free blogging services, such as Blogger, LiveJournal and use of software such as WordPress and Movable Type as causes for the exponential growth of the blog world.

However despite the huge expansion of services and hosts, bloggers' retention rate remains low. Just thirteen percent of all blogs that Technorati tracks are updated weekly or more, said the report.

Extra-computer technology is contributing to the blogosphere's ballooning, the report says. Cell phones are used to blog on the go, or "moblog." The report says: "Moblogging sites ... have also been growing as well, as more people are blogging from their camera-enabled mobile phones. Growth has not only occurred in the US, but there has been a lot of blog growth in Japan, Korea, China, France, and Brazil."