A search engine that will allow users to search within a Podcast has been launched on the web this week. Called Podscope, the engine will make every word searchable within a podcast, enabling the audio indexing of podcast content.

The user can search on a term, generate a list of results ranked by a variety of methods to find the most relevant podcast and click to play or click to download.

The company behind the free service has been indexing television and radio broadcasts since 1999.

Podcasts are essentially downloadable radio programs distributed through rss that can be put onto a digital media music player or iPod.

Pocket-lint.co.uk has recently starting offering reviews and a fortnightly newsletter letter in audio format to its readers read by professional BBC trained readers - click here to find out more about the reviews we've already turned into podcasts and for the link to our rss feed so you can be notified of new additions to our catalogue.

You can try Podscope by clicking here