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(Pocket-lint) - Trust has launched a new VoIP device that will plug into a standard telephone socket. The systems only requirement is that the computer that is used to connect to the internet is on. Called the Trust ST-1200 Internet Phone Station the system uses Skype to make the calls.

The system works by placing the station between the telephone connection and the telephone and then connecting the station to the computer using the USB cable, it is possible to choose between making a telephone call via the Internet or via the normal telephone line.


By pressing the star button once, it is possible to switch between using the normal telephone line and the VoIP program, or vice versa. The computer which is connected to the Internet must be turned on, however.

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The speed dial buttons can be used to easily make telephone calls to family and friends, regardless of whether they also have an Internet telephone or not. If the star button is not pressed, the connection will automatically be made via the normal telephone line.

The Trust ST-1200 Internet Phone Station comes supplied with a USB cable and an RJ-11 cable, a multi-language instruction manual and a CD-ROM containing software for using a telephone with the leading VoIP application Skype. The Internet telephone station will be available from the end of August and will cost £40.

Writing by Stuart Miles.